I would like to try cataloging my threads, but need help.

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Schoonner, Jan 24, 2012.

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    I know it probably sounds OCD, but I need to start cataloging informations.


    I think I might try moving toward Seattle and learning carpentry and a little about making boats there. :D That's not too far away, and I MIGHT be able to ride the bus there every day if bus service came up the hill. Otherwise I will have to ride my mountain bike down the hill. It takes a while to get there on the bus, but if I can get on it at like 4:AM I might be able to stay in Seattle all day at the school and ride it back before 5 PM.

    I think it might just be better for me to move to Port Townsend or something, but that's way far away. I would like to volunteer there so I can have access to their library all day.

    I love 1920's schooners. Hence, the name Schoonner. :D Therefore, I have a huge amount of information about Historic ships. I have been thinking about modifying 1920's schooners on the bottom and leaving them the same on top, but instead of 80 HP engines I want to use a 200 Hp Honda engine. I want her to have a hot tub, an efficient hull, Lots of horsepower, A dagger board raised with pulleys inside carbon fiber masts masts. I want to use something like a mix of hoops and grooves that are backwards and turned into seams at the masts for sails which are aerodynamic at the mast, boom, and gaff. :D
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