I would like help with a 38-45 foot trawler design

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Quatsino Boater, Feb 18, 2011.

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    This old thread could use a bump, since the design brief is close to one I've been considering. I'm interested in a sailboat that could take on the Great Loop necessitating shallow draft and masts on tabernacles. It would be a part-of-my retirement boat for a couple who enjoys sailing, but also good views while cooking and relaxing. Forward facing pilothouse designs are much easier for driving on intercostal waterways, and storage of bikes, kayaks and a dinghy are plusses to be balanced with solar power to enable quiet energy production.

    I envision a sturdy rather than highfalutin build which emphasizes easy maintenance over cosmetic enhancements, storage over extra berths and motor sailing upwind over sprightly performance. A low hp diesel with a variable pitch prop, a balanced lug free-standing rig with simple tabernacle and on deck reefing. Not shown are lazy jacks or other sail controls other than halyard, downhaul and mainsheet which runs forward to be tended at a winch pedestal between skipper and a portside settee. Staggered doors port and starboard give fresh air and exits, hatches provide additional access to engine spaces and the enormous forward hold and chain locker. Mechanical and tankage spaces are similarly large for this size boat.

    A centerline berth aft with shower to stbd and head to port would be comfortable accommodations, and three more could sleep in the great room and pilothouse as needed. The galley would be great in harbor, though would require additional bracing to be useful underway.

    An aft mast might be required for additional sail area and for use as a riding sail while at anchor. Dinghy off the back with davits, I guess, and solar panels above the dinghy and on the coachroof to starboard (boom& sail storage to port).
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