I want to wire up a push to start system on my mercury 1150

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Cory247, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Cory247
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    Cory247 Junior Member

    Hey guys I have an old mercury 1150 115hp 6cylinder outboard and my ignition key has snapped in half and I am unable to get it re cut or find a new one so I've decided to install a push to start ignition system. At first it seemed really simple as everything does but im having a few problems getting all the wires I need to the right terminals etc I.have a wiring diagram for the whole ignition system for my motor but unfortunately I.cannot upload it at this.time however if anybody knows how to wire one up any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Mr Efficiency
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    G'day Cory, are all the locksmiths on strike down at Wynnum these days ? You could try an outboard wrecker and switch the switch, as it were.
  3. Cory247
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    Cory247 Junior Member

    Hey Mr efficiency, yeah I tried alot of outboard wreckers but no one could help me and to be honest I didnt even think about tryin a locksmith I just went to the little key cutting places, but anyways after alot of playing around last night I finally got my push to start working great. Cheers

  4. PAR
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    Just replace the switch whole. It's a simple R&R and you can get a generic switch about anywhere. The generic switch may not have a choke function, so a separate momentarily closed switch (horn button) will do. The same is true of the ignition 2 circuit (start), which just requires a monetarily closed button switch. In fact, you can replace all of the standard ignition switch function with just a few SPST and momentary switches if desired. You'd have a SPST for the "accessory" post and the same for the "ignition 1" post. On the other had you could combine the accessory and ignition 1 elements into one switch with a DPDT switch, preferably with a center off feature. The switch (center is off naturally) would have the accessory post on one side and the ignition 1 post on the other.
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