I Want to get help in Maxsurf.

Discussion in 'Software' started by zzt9876, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. zzt9876
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    zzt9876 Junior Member

    Dear Mr. andrew
    I want to model a exist container ship by Maxsurf, I have it's lines and offsets,
    at first the prefit utility is used, but It can not get the correct shape( maybe the vessel is
    complex) so I model by Maxsurf directly.

    For simple parallel part,I input the marks position as exist offsets, then I use 2cols X 10rows
    control points.I move the control point and fit surface to the marks in body window. get the middle
    of shape which I want.

    But when I want to model the fore part or end part of vessel, I find the their surface is complex,
    they has more station in offsets table. there is 10 station and stern outline in end part, and has 13
    station and fore outline in fore part. too many station in here, if I adopt the means like model parallel
    part(move each control point in body window and fit the surface to marks by correspond station)
    I think it is not convenience to get shape. Can you tell me how to deal with this case?

    I read the sample of Maxsurf, the vessel always split 3 parts, fore and middle and stern, it is not so
    many colume in control point.Can it meet the design requirement. If after tanker test, we need modify
    the lines, the case is like input a exist ship. normally, how to do?

    the Autoship and KCS(tribon) have utilities can input the offset directly, Do your company plan to add
    this function in maxsurf?

    thanks a lot
  2. Andrew Mason
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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

    Have you hada look at the Containership sample model that ships with the Maxsurf system? It is around 10 surfaces so is too complex for Maxsurf Academic, but is fine in Maxsurf Professional.

    Regarding modification of the hull once you have created the hullshape, Maxsurf Pro has a powerful Parametric Transformation function that allows you to independently modify Prismatic (or Block) coefficient, Midship Area Coefficient, LCB as well as Displacement, WL Length, WL Beam and draft. This allows you to perform significant changes to a parent hull without touching any control points.

    Regarding input of offsets, I assume you mean for the purposes of doing hydrostatic analysis. We are in the process of modifying Hydromax so that it will read a hull shape defined by offset points or wireframe lines. These approaches will never have the accuracy of surface integration that we achieve by using the Maxsurf surface model, however they will be the eqivalent of the accuracy provided by programs such as AutoHydro and Tribon.
  3. hello
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    hello Junior Member

    we will be waited for it.
    it is a very good news for anyone which used the maxsurf.
  4. harisankar
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    harisankar Junior Member

    i have down loaded ms academic version .i am completely new to 3d hull modelling.i am used to autocad.but can i use this soft ware for educational purposes .are we able to use it or it is just an evaluation software where we can only see what is happening inside.

  5. Andrew Mason
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    Andrew Mason Senior Member

    Maxsurf Academic is fully functioning, non-protected version of Maxsurf. It is limited in the number of surfaces you can use (3) which limits the complexity of the design you can undertake to some extent, however it retains the ability to save designs, export through DXF or IGES files and Print.
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