I want this to work so bad ... The Little Diesel That Could (Not)

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by mrwright, Jan 7, 2012.

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    So here's my dilemma ... and I've posted a version of this in a couple of different forums.

    I recently bought a 1963 Trojan Seabreeze 3100. Displacement I'm estimating at 14,000 Lbs (airing on the heavy side), LWL 26', Planing Hull.

    I have an Isuzu C240 Diesel (mated to a 2:1 tranny) that produces 105 FtLbs of Torque, 60HP at 3000 RPM. It uses somewhere between 1 & 4gph depending on how it's pushed.

    I'd really like to put the Isuzu in my Trojan and get as much speed as possible out of it. It doesn't have to plane per se, but it would be nice if I could squeeze 10kts out of it.

    Is there a Prop, Tranny, Turbo combo that would make this work? Or should I just go out and get a 454 Crusader and put that in instead? I do have a functional Borg Warner direct drive trans that i could throw in the mix too if needed.

    Can I make this work?
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    Adjust your expectations. A 60 hp diesel in a 26' hull makes a nice displacement boat, not a glider. With the right prop you get 5-6 knots at half throttle with good fuel economy, with some reserve power to cope with wind and current.
    Above hull speed drag increases rapidly, 10kts is near the onset of planing, so the bow lifts and you're going uphill all the time.
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    No it will not plane. More like 260 would be better but I still would not be sure if it would plane a 7 ton boat.

    500 would be near the mark
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