i wanna ask about shipBuilding estimating cost please

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by a3g1s, Apr 19, 2006.

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    hi, i'm a student of University Indonesia, i'm a naval architecture student, i wanna knowa about how to estimate ship building cost, what parameter i sholud have to calculate it, and maybe all another information that i need. Your help will be more useful for me, thanks-:D
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    I don't mean to be rude a3g1s,
    and I am certainly no expert,
    but sometimes any reply is better than none.

    Your question is so ridiculously general and broad, that the only way I could think of anwering it is the same.

    The bigger the 'ship', the bigger the cost, and most probably, exponentially so. (by the way do you mean ship or boat?)
    ie, in laymens terms a ten 20 ft boat may cost four times the price of a 10 ft boat.
    This sort of generalisation will obviously offer you no help whatsoever.

    As a navel architecture student, you obviously have something particular in mind.
    Spend the time and try to explain this in detail,
    then possibly someone with real expertise (as apposed to me) may spend their time in trying to help you.
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    Among comparable designs of comparable build quality, cost generally is proportional to displacement. This is valid for comparing, say, a 40' and 60' trawler, but not a 40' trawler to a 40' yacht, or a 40' speedboat, as things like luxury, engines, etc. tend to go by class as well as size. That's about as specific as I can get on such a general question.
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    BTW- What does it cost to get an education?
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    The question too broad ....... yes, like asking how much a car cost without spec way of contruction, material, speed of production and delivery time, where u build by whom and the plan u buy from ,................. just to name a few headache...................:D


  8. Wellydeckhand

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    Just to let u see the broad complex of the vessel building industry.............. see and try this PDF

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