I thought there was a big 65+ft boats need a "captain" rule.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Sep 26, 2021.

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    Need for license to pilot a 58+ yacht - General Yachting Discussion | YachtForums: We Know Big Boats! https://www.yachtforums.com/threads/need-for-license-to-pilot-a-58-yacht.11466/

    What is the biggest boat someone can operate without anything except maybe the CA DMV "safe boater" online test? If its 65ft does that count bow extensions on sailing or fishing boats, and what about swim platforms, outboards, etc? Is it still 65ft for cats or tris?

    Is there a name for a large class of yachts in the 64' 11" size? Wouldn't that tend to be the most common "floating condo" cabin cruiser and houseboat size?
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    This is an area that insurance companies could easily control, by simply refusing claims by unqualified operators.
    I’ve never been asked to produce any kind of of proof of qualification during safety stops, CG Auxiliary inspections, or even insurance surveys.
    The focus is always on the boat, sometimes on drug or alcohol use, but not qualification to operate.
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    I think if you look in the CFR, it is a "commercial" or "for hire" requirement where there is a requirement for inspection. See CFR Title 46, Subtitle II Vessels and Seamen which directs you back to CFR Title 33 for inspection.
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    This. In the US, privately owned yachts can be skippered by anyone regardless of size . However, most really large yachts, in the mega and super categories are not really owned by a a person. They are usually owned by the corporation and used for "business" (for tax purposes), or chartered out, when the CEO is not using them. So they have professional crews and Captains. Good examples, Forbes yacht Highlander, Leslie Wexners yacht Limitless (burned to the waterline). There are plenty more. Just take a look at the yachts for charter in Superyacht, Superyacht Magazine – Living the Dream http://superyachtmag.com/

    Anyway, the requirement for a licensed "captain" is based on use. It starts at OUPV (which is 6 or less passengers for hire on inland or on shore waters, commonly called six pack) and works it's way up through various categories up to unlimited which is any size, type, anywhere. The requirements for vessel inspection is independent of who skippers it. It's a vessel requirement. Licensing is a person requirement. Some commercial vessels do not have a licensed captain requirement or an inspection requirement, mainly because of the activity they are involved in (for instance bare boat charters, small fishing vessels). But any passengers for hire vessel has a requirement to have a licensed Captain.
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