I need help to determine a proa

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Lubomir, Oct 18, 2019.

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    I can't help you with that one but there are 2 people for proas, Gary Dierking and Rob Denney.

    Here is Gary's book on amazon. Depending on where you are you might get it cheaper elsewhere. It has everything to build 3 boats provided you are happy to work off offsets. Gary is fine with mix and match so if you like a rig from one you can put it on another hull. He also shows how to build double outriggers and both tacking and shunting proas. It is in my opinion one of the finest multihull books ever written.


    If you prefer full size patterns you can buy them from Gary on his blog:

    Outrigger Sailing Canoes https://outriggersailingcanoes.blogspot.com

    For larger boats Rob is your man:

    HARRYPROA http://harryproa.com

    I think he has a couple of smaller boats but seems more interested in bigger ones. His designs are superb IMO.

    Both gentlemen post here from time to time.

    I hope that helps...
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