I need a boaty name for our new dog...

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by bntii, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Shouting "C'mon, Yawl! it's time for walkies" could get interesting responses from your neighbors.
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    Well I dont get it, I might be a bit thick or something but, are you naming a dog or a boat or perhaps a boat dog, or a dog of a boat.

    I used to know a girl called Debi,-- she was a dog, she was known affectionally as Debi dog,-- but that was a long time ago.

    My dog is called "David"
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    BOOMVANG would be a Great name!

    We brought our dog Raven into the Vet with a torn ligiment. She had been playing in the back yard with my Boy and she twisted her leg.

    The Vet recommended a Vet Surgeon to fix her leg by adding a stainless steel plate on here Femer to compensate for the torn Crucies Ligimant. The surgery went well and my dog appeared to be recovering quickly over the next couple days.

    On the third day shen was lathargic and violented vomiting and shaking with what appeared to be shock syndroms. She was extra tursty and drank lots of water. She appeared to be dehydrating. I called the Vet and they asked me to give her more water and watch her. She looked a bit better after an hour so we thought that it was just upset stomach from the pain medication. The next day she turned worse after getting her morning medication which included Deramaxx for othopedic inflamation. She was vomiting and swollen stomach and violently shaking with no ability to stand.

    My wife , my Son and I picked Raven up and carried her into the car and drove to the vet .The Vet took an X Ray and withdrew a large syrindge of fluid from her intestional cavity. He did an analysis and told us that we would have to put the dog asleep as she had burst open internal organs and was septic with bacteriac flowing thru her entire body.

    Raven was a five year old very healthy and smart half Black Lab and half Rottwieler. She had never been sick a day in her life.

    The Vet did an autopsy on her and found that the Deramaxx drug had burned a hole into her at the duardianal where it enters the stomach. He told us that another dog had died of the same symtoms but that it was a very old and frail dog not young and healthy like RAVEN.

    My vet has contacted the Deramaxx Company.

    Deramaxx is produced by a company called Novartis.
    and sent his autopsy findings to independat Vets for confirmation

    Please do NOT Let anyone give Deramaxx to your Dog!

    I hvae spent thousands of dollars and my Dog is Dead.

    Capt Walt

    All NSAID drugs have the potential to cause irritation, ulceration, bleeding and perforation of the lining of the stomach.

    Here is a list of common NSAIDs (generic names):

    Rimadyl (active ingredient carprofen)

    EctoGesic (active ingredient etodolac).

    Celebrex (Celecoxib)

    Vioxx (Rofecoxib) - Recalled from the US market due to safety concerns:

    Yes! Permission to copy to all and any whom wish to copy this to help save your pet.
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    Wicked, I'm sorry your dog reacted to Deramaxx, but it's not the drug's fault, unless there was a bad batch. Some dogs , just like people, react badly to some drugs. Allergies, antipathetic reactions, etc. can cause adverse reactions and unfortunately, there's no way of telling until the reaction is recognized. Also unfortunately, most people don't have the medical training to see these things, before they become untreatable. I'm lucky in this regard and my other half is too, so we can spot things and take measures in a timely enough fashion to save an animal.

    I have a pup here in the pack that resembles your Aspen. He's a Frisbee chaser and has the ham strings of a lion as a result. Some dogs, again like people, are just unlucky. A friend has a 6 year child with cancer. Fortunately, the girl has received quick notification of the cancer and is responding well to treatments. She'll likely fully recover and have a fairly normal life. Our animals don't offer us the same "clues" as people do. They accept pain as a fact of life and move on. We find most injuries to animals when it manifests in some obvious way, like swelling, behavioral changes, etc. By then the "issue" may be well past a treatable stage.

    In short, I've spent many thousands of dollars, saving and keeping my dogs. If any of them doesn't eat or exhibits an odd behavioral pattern for more then a day, they're at the vet's office. I've paid for many a false alarm vet visit, but I also and painfully have learned the contrary lesson as well. This is just a function of life and I currently have a 16 year old, intact fully blooded, yellow lab on Deramaxx daily. He's also on other anti inflammatories as his hip displacia is so bad he can hardly use his hind legs. Without the 4 drugs, he'd have to have been put down by now. They aren't cheap either, but it's the cost of "doing business". I suspect I'll bury Ryley this year some time (I thought the same thing about last year), but at 17 for a dog that typically has an average life span of 10 - 12 years, he's had a good run. In fact, he's unable to go through the two dog doors any more, so he's been isolated from the pack and is "special dog" in the "big house". I have to take him out several times a day so he can do his thing, which is also getting difficult for him. I'll bury him next to many other well loved and cared for animals, he'll be in company with some old friends and a few he didn't like so much (cats).
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    How about "surf"?
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    Slurp . . . Wetted Surface . . . Tops'l (there's a good one) . . . Bow Wow Wow Sprit (yea, a little long) . . . Gunwale . . . Rudder Head . . . Butt Head . . . Bone Head . . . Dodger . . . Companionway . . . Transom . . .

    Come on, I've listed a few good ones . . . I like Slurp and Tops'l too.
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    Cat head, monkey rail
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    Snotter, Turks (head), Reef, Transom, Winch, Pintle, Gudgeon, Sheave, Block (head?), Keelson, Bearding, Rabbet, Gimbal, Becket, Gaff, Mutton, Bermuda, Yawl, Bimini, Ketch, Mizzen, Sloop, , Schooner, Clipper, Cutter, Pinkie, Dory, Sou'wester, Clevis, Swab, Burgee, Bilge, Dacron, Weather, Alee, Port, Starboard, Aft, Berth, Galley, Tar, Garboard, Rode, Fluke, Asea, Carlin, Tiller, Bilge, Pennant, Furler, GooseNeck, Fairlead, Sea dog, Oarlock, Trunnel, Spinnaker, Genny, Gennaker, Genoa, Foc'sle...
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    So, btnii, that's a lot of suggestions, give us some feedback.

    Any you and the wife like?

  10. Submarine Tom

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    I love dogs but have been limited to cats for years.

    My second cat was given one year to live when he was 1 due to congenital heart disease. Worst case she'd ever seen. We treated him with drugs and he was miserable so we decided to stop all intervention - no drugs. He turned 10 last October. He's on a "species appropriate, raw food diet" that I make every month and he lives outside now for three years. I built him a small, 10 watt heated shelter. He hasn't been to the vet since his diagnosis (9 years ago).

    He comes in daily for one-on-one time, then he's back outside.

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    2 Syllables

    Just a thought,
    A dogs name should have 2 Syllables. ( or more) but 2 is generally best.

    I have two dogs.

    Grommit and Sprocket.
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    OK- you asked for it...



    And the little girl:


    There are several (hundred..) more photos if anyone needs another look.

    The wife is reviewing the names & muttering
    I will see how it goes

    Par- 'Tops'l.
    I like that one too.
    Tom- gale! I like it.
    We have a young male called Bosun, and a older male called Eddy..
    Wicked- sorry about the loss. We do lots of rescue and have lost a few. It can be very hard.

    OK- I came up with "Bog"!

    She turned to me with one of those looks and says: "BOG the DOG"?
    What do those looks mean anyway??
    Anyone know?
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    Windie for short.

    Especially if you feed her beans.
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