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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by SnoSheriff, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. SnoSheriff
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    SnoSheriff Junior Member

    Hi, Nebie here :). When I go camping I pull my 30’ travel trailer (not 5th wheel) behind my F350 pickup. We camp all over and don’t have a seasonal spot so I can’t pull a boat trailer and camper at the same time. I’m looking for a “boat” solution for my camping trips. My boat requirements are:
    • We have large lakes here so slight weather changes can generate 4’ white cap waves within minutes. It would be nice if the boat could handle these waves until I can get to shore
    • I have young kids so boat stability is important to me. I won’t venture out too far with kids on board…
    • Boat will be used for fishing, maybe to pull the kids in a tube or just leisure cruising.
    • The boat has to be modular so I can assemble it on the shore
    • I need a boat that can be transported in my truck (or truckbed/roofrack) or inside my camper in smaller components
    • The boat component pieces need to be <200lbs so I can load/unload them by myself

    Recently I discovered Catamarans and Trimarans. I really like the look and functionality of these boats. I also like the sailing aspect. I’ve never sailed but it looks fun and very interesting.
    1. Do you know if any manufacturers make them to meet my needs? If so, who and how much are they?
    2. If not, I’d be willing to build one. I’m not a boat builder but I’m handy with tools. I’m thinking that I could use foam covered with carbon fiber to build the structure. Would you recommend this approach?
    3. Does anyone sell boat plans that could meet my needs?
    4. Catamaran or Trimaran? Which one do you recommend and why?
    5. ‘Pontoons’ / hulls – How big should I make them (length, diameter)?
    6. What is a beach cat?

    Thank you!
  2. CatBuilder

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    For a person RVing around and using a boat in a lake, I'd get an outboard and this:


    No need for a catamaran with a requirement list like you have.

    If you are going to do some sailing instead of fishing and the stuff from the top of your post, you can't go wrong with one of these:

  3. whitepointer23

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    a zodiac would fit your bill. seaworthy and stable for kids, roll it up and store it when you don't need it. if you do go for an inflatable just make sure it is a quality brand like zodiac. you definately get what you pay for with inflatables.
  4. SnoSheriff
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    SnoSheriff Junior Member

    Porta-bote - too small, flimsy and unstable. I doubt it can handle large lakes better than my dads 16' aluminum Lund.

    I do have catamaran preference. I love the look and functionality of these boats. I would like to try sailing as well. Else mount a motor and go for a ride... Keep it coming guys. I'm all ears :)
  5. SnoSheriff
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    SnoSheriff Junior Member

    Yes, I thought about Zodiacs as well. I'm concerned about punctures. Kids can get pretty rough with things. I'm worried about the fishing hooks, rough rocks and weeds damaging the boat... Maybe I'm worried for nothing? Aire and NRS has some sweet cats :)
  6. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    Take a look at the Weta-here is the url for WETA Canada. It's lighter than most beach cats* and breaks down into lightweight components. You could fit a small motor if you didn't want to sail. Sailing is a blast and this is a stable easy boat to learn on: http://www.wetacanada.com/
    Keep in mind that small sailboats can be wet when sailed in a good wind-the Weta is no exception.

    * beach cat-small catamaran capable of being launched from a beach vs from a launch ramp. The Weta is a "beach tri"-not as fast as some cats but with some benefits not available with cats-like modular components.

    click on image for better detail:

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  7. aussiebushman
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    aussiebushman Innovator

    Boat to extend your camping pleasures

    You will probably find your needs change over time as the kids grow and you become more confident. Although it is a fairly ugly little beast, consider a Jarcat 5 - the link is http://jarcatmarine.com/Jarcat5_6.html

    This boat has all the advantages of being light and easy to motor or sail, yet it will sleep 4 at a squeeze. In Canada, you probably will not find one for sale, but building one is a very simple job.

    I nearly built one myself before turning to something much larger, In hindsight, the latter needed a permanent mooring, slipping and massive extra building and maintenance cost, whereas the Jarcat just gets pulled out of the water and trailed to wherever you want to go - the very reason I'm now building a trailerable trimaran

    Good luck

  8. CatBuilder

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    Ah, thought you were looking for a 16ft Lund that was portable. Let's try again.


    Maybe a demountable Skoota?


    Ok, not sure I know of too many other boats this size. :)
  9. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    I understand that you need a car top boat, not one that can be trailed

    So the Jarcat is out, except there is this 16ft live aboard cruiser, Miss Cindy

    The best option is to buy a used Hobie, with a bit of effort you can completely disassemble then and so car top it. They can come with a two piece mast

    The main problem with the Hobie 16 is nosediving and pitchpoling. So later designs try to avoid that problem

    load carrying is also a problem with beach cats, that's why you don't see any under about 14ft

    You say you want to tow a tube, see here


    You will see adverts for inflatable catamarans. By and large they can be considered beach toys, not real boats

    A beachcat is a sailing catamaran you can sail off the beach and through the surf

    keep surfing and searching and you'll learn. Then go for a sail and get hooked for life

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs


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  10. ocean_groover
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    ocean_groover Junior Member

    Maybe consider whether it's possible to make your boat your camper too. Camp in the boat on the trailer, until you launch; then you're camping on the water.

    With this in mind something like the Jarcat, or maybe one of Richard Woods' trailerables might fit the bill.
  11. Brian@BNE
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    Brian@BNE Senior Member

    Nice pic of cartop boat. Launching must be an interesting exercise!
  12. CatBuilder

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    I was thinking the same! Steps to launch:

    1) Untie the tie downs
    2) Gently get up to speed in reverse gear
    3) Slam on the brakes before the back wheels are off the end of the pier
    4) Tie the now floating boat up to the dock
  13. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    Miss Cindy and its owner is an special boat.

    It was built in British Columbia. It was then cartopped down to Mexico. From there it sailed to Nicaragua, across its lake and down the San Juan river to the Caribbean and then on to Cuba and Florida.

    Getting it back onto the roof is probably harder than launching. Apparently he was stopped several times by the police (no surprise there). But they could never find anything illegal in what he was doing. Another photo attached

    My wife and I have slept "on board" my 22ft Wizard when parked by the side of the road. No room for the kids though, as when trailed the Wizard hulls are on their sides

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs


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  14. upchurchmr
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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    Look at the thread "slickest folder ever" or just go to diy-tris.com and look at the video of Franks folding trimaran. He has state that this boat is 155# all up. you would need to get creative with more seating area and trampolines on the side to carry many. To car top you would need to do some dissassembly, unless you have a lot more muscles than me.

    Check here http://www.duckworksbbs.com/plans/gumprecht/index.htm for plans for "Drifter" tris. Similar in size to Franks boat.

    You might also consider a group of kayaks. yostwerks.com has free plans for skin-on-frame similar to a boat I had in the 70's which was one of my favorite boats.

  15. SnoSheriff
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    SnoSheriff Junior Member

    Wow, guys that's a lot of info. Thank you! We just got the camper 1yr ago so boat camper is not an option.

    Does anyone sell plans for the dual/tri cats? I'm thinking carbon fiber would make a light boat. Did anyone build one? Approx how much would it cost to make one?
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