I made my own golf cart battery lift strap

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    Really makes it easy to move them around now.
    The ones you buy are cheap enough, but they have issues. The rubber strap expires, and it can break or stretch. I noticed that on Amazon. Thought why would I want such junk.
    I used solid metal rod from a garden sign stake flag. One stake is good for the lift handle when you straighten it out.
    Measures 14.25" in total length tip to tip.
    Bent the ends over in a similar shape to the store bought type.
    The plastic handle came off an old 8D battery handle.
    I then hot glued the steel rods into the plastic handle

    Advantage is the solid steel rod wont break on you.
    When you use it, and lift up on the handle, it forces the rod ends into the battery top holder and is very secure.
    One difference, is maybe make the bent over hook 1.25" in length versus 1" length.
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