I just realised I'm rich....

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by troy2000, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Sounds like a step in the right direction. I remember reading a few years ago about an English farmer who was in prison, for shooting an intruder who came up the stairs at him. At a parole hearing the Crown argued against letting him out early, on the grounds that he presented 'a clear and present danger to burglers.' And of course you know my take on that: if more Englishmen were a clear and present danger to burglars, there'd probably be less burglary in England.

    When I was growing up, my dad taught me that I'm responsible for defending myself -- because usually the police can't get there in time to protect you; the best they can do is avenge you. That isn't a knock on the police, but an acknowledgment of reality. They can't be everywhere all the time.

    One point, though. We're allowed to use force to protect ourselves and our homes here, but we aren't really allowed to 'retaliate.' We aren't supposed to hit or shoot someone unless we reasonably believe we're in danger. If a burglar wound up dead in my home with a bullet hole in his backside instead of his front, I'd probably go to prison for it.
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    Unfortunately, In South Africa if you shoot a would be rapist, murderer, thief in the privacy of your own bedroom in your own house - which by the way is probably more secured than local jails - to protect your wife and yourself, you get charged for murder, period.:confused:

    Simple reason you are white and the criminal black which is royal game here. This very fact give them carte blance knowing they can attend to affirmative shopping, **** murder and if you by so much touch or damage them, they have all the country's legal rights and laws protecting him, screw the victim...
    A friend of me has 6ft devils fork palisade around his property, gates locked and he shot an intruder twice through his bedroom window he was trying to pry open. This happened because the intruder laughed at him when he warned him and said he cannot wait to lay hands on his wife and called his bluff.
    First shot missed and the second hit the MF in the back through the shoulder. (unknown to my buddy the ******* turned around when the first bullet went through the window). Cops came, also black, and the wounded criminal cried wolf telling his buddy cops he was lost and asked for directions when shot. Except for the devils fork and locked front gates (with bell) the criminal had to pass over two further locked gates to get to the window in question. African mentality cannot do the math that the crook was not lost and had some serious bad intentions for being where he was.

    My friend was charged with attempted murder and arrested on the spot.
    Police says if an intruder is in your house he is not a thread unless you are physically attacked before you can defend yourself with necessary means. IOW, you must lay still, let the MF kill you and when your wife is *****, only then can you get your gun out and defend her and yourself.:!::?:

    That's life in the "new" SA. Welcome to the most modern democracy in the world:rolleyes:

    Edit: Post not intended as racial but in SA things are quite different and has always being so for decades. The majority of criminals are black and the majority of victims are white - simply a fact of life here.
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    Troy, the proposed change is more subtle. At the moment you can use reasonable force, a man has recently been told he will not be prosecuted having injured 2 burglars with his shotgun. The burglars' lawyer asked for reduced sentences to take account of their injuries but the judge said it was an occupational hazard and gave them the normal sentence.

    The problem at the moment is after an incident like this the police take in the householder for questioning, sometimes over several days, the prosecutors take their time deciding whether to charge and if they do, the jury usually give the householder the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile the householder has been in turmoil.

    The proposed change will still not allow retaliation, it is more to change the emphasis, to start with the assumption the householder is in the right unless there is evidence to the contrary.
  4. pdwiley
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    Yes. I believe you. I used to correspond with the owner of a software company in Jo'berg. He used to travel with a driver and 2 armed bodyguards so when he left the vehicle one would accompany him and the other stay with the car to prevent car-jacking. His driver & bodyguards were Zulu I think. House was also an armed compound.

    My wife was in SA a few years ago for a medical conference. Got the same story including a huge incidence of **** on white women from the professionals there.

    Not a good place to grow up nowadays. Many have left. I would, too, if I lived there.

    I am rich simply because I live in Australia.

  5. WestVanHan
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    Canada is full of SA doctors and professionals.
    My mom lives in a small town of 12,000 people..and 25,000 within 20 minutes.
    There's at least 10-12 SA doctors and health professionals there that she knows of,and their whole families:moms/dads-everyone.
  6. watchkeeper

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    Yeah Frosty, when are you going to improve your ways
    Though you may live thousands of miles from others its time you reined in your aggressive tone & sometimes vile & pathetic posts
  7. viking north
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    viking north VINLAND

    Wynand, I am presently reading "Illustrated History of South Africa" (The Real Story) -- The manupilation and slauter of the native tribes makes the subduing of the North American Indians look like a picnic by comparison. If ever there was a long history of conquering horror South Africa holds the world record bar none. There's lots of guilt to go around as most of the powerful nations on earth had a go at it including my own birth country of Newfoundland. Newfoundland Regiments fought there as allies of the British during the Boer War. Historically nations born out of a tourbulent past require long periods of incubation to attain a reasonable degree of peace within. In the case of S.A. that incubation is still very much alive and im afraid hatching time will be well beyond our life. My best wishes are with you and if it all goes to hell in a hand cart --"Canada needs People" :)
  8. Frosty

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    Thanks for clarifying that latey. My source of information was the SUN and it finished the report by saying " and if he should end up in a box so be it" I thought then it was a bit over the top but thats the SUN for you.

    Has there been an increase in sales of pick axe handles and base ball bats?
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    I would not know about increased sales. They are not always a help as the intruder may take it off you and use it themselves.

    By the way, in post 131 you missed out the Roll Eyes (sarcastic) symbol, not everyone gets irony. ;)

    Do you remember one of Les Dawson's jokes.
    Theatre manager : Les, would you welcome some constructive criticism.
    Les Dawson : Yes
    Theatre manager: You are effing useless. :D

    I hope you will take my comments in a positive way.
    The problem with the internet is you do not know how people perceive you.
    In the days of ham radio you could tell by the tone of voice how something was meant and give instant feedback so the risk of offence was limited.

    In view of the controversy that has surrounded you I checked out some of your previous posts and often you give a useful contribution to technical discussions, but you sometimes add a barbed comment and as you said yourself sometimes vent your spleen and can be a bit inflammatory. You have the ability to change the tone of a debate and take it off topic.

    Re your post 135 in reply to Wynand, I can see why he was asking about limiting access to threads, this is available on other forums or the OP can delete unwanted posts.
    To develop the party analogy the OP is the invitation, the 'don't come letters' are requests for serial gate crashers to keep away.
    One of your supporters used the expression water off a duck's back, trouble is most people do not have a duck's back many are more like sponges.
    Again in post 135 you wrote "Grow a pair and play back. Doesn't need to get aggressive and its not me that does." Can't you see that 'Grow a pair' to most people is aggressive? If you used that expression to a stranger in some English pubs you would be liable to have your teeth rearranged.
    Can I suggest you write your posts as you would like, then spend a minute to consider how others may read it and tone it down accordingly without losing the meaning.

    Knowing how you enjoy my quotations, here is another relevant one, "Do not do unto others as you would they should do unto you; their tastes may not be the same." Spike Milligan
  10. Frosty

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    Latestarter. I have totally misjudged you. Bernard manning said --do you like sex and travel?
  11. whitepointer23

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    the japanese are trying to get back into australian waters to steal our tuna again, i hope they are turned away.
  12. masrapido
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    And all this started with a junk food ...

    Hmmm.. junk food for thought?
  13. masrapido
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    masrapido Junior forever

    Darn...!!! I couldn't give myself points for that comment... What an unjust world we live in!!!!
  14. michael pierzga
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    I just realized Im rich ?

    Me too. Locally the economy has collapsed. 30 percent unemployment. The port cafe just across the street just closed down...no customers, so another handful to add to the unemployment statistics.

    As I was cursing this loss of morning coffee and a free look at the bar newspaper I realized that I have a decent job, a micro pension and no debt. . Satisfied with myself I spotted a flock of seagulls bombing a school of breaking fish off the harbour breakwater so I scooted home ,grabbed my fishing rod and reeled in a few mackerel.

    Im both rich and lucky

  15. watchkeeper

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    Doesn't get much better than that no matter how crazy things are
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