I have a small hot tub and slip eith 8 feet of extra room... floating hot tub?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by carpetman11, May 21, 2014.

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    Ok I had to rent a much larger slip than I need. I have a 32 foot gibson houseboat 12 feet wide had to get a 14 foot by 40 foot slip.

    So I got thinking build a 8 foot by 13'6" platform for my hot tub.
    It is a small 6 foot square 250 gallon tub. operates on 15 amp 110 volt
    Will a 8 foot by 13.5 platform hold 3000 pounds safely?
    comments and suggestions appreciated.
  2. Skyak
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    108sf*62.4lb/sf=6740lb/ft disp. (fresh water)
    3000lb/6740lb/ft=0.445ft disp. or 5.34inch
  3. gonzo
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    Remember to feed it with a GFI. Otherwise, a floating hot tub sound cool.
  4. rwatson
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    Oh you poor un-metricated guys with your pounds , feet and inches. Never mind.

    But, why put the hot tub on a floating platform - float the tub !

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    I have often thought that my woodworking hobby would be a lot simpler if I switched to metric and got rid of all the pesky fractions, but then I think of all the tools that would have to be recalibrated and/or replaced, and I sigh and just keep doing what I've always done.

  6. cthippo
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    When I built the Raptor I did all the dimensions in metric just to avoid having to think in decimal feet. Made life and lofting soooo much easier.
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