I am looking for a DIY 10m race-daysailer

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by pagodino, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Hello I am new here, after now 10 years without a sailing boat for family and working reasons a want to return to my favorit hobby. I am sailing since I was 5 years old, from Optimist to Laser, Contender, Laser 5000; Trias,... I grew up in the Lake of Constanze and now I am near the gardasee and adriatic sea of Italy. In the late 80th my father and I constructed a 6mR, after this i shifted to classic car restaurations.
    Now I want "my" Sailingboat. It had to be fast, modern, save in sea (Adriatic) and Lakes. It had to be handeled crew but altough allone (like Akros-Jongleur or Monas www.stoeberl-sailing.de). Enough space for 4 persons for little trips. The rigg with profilmast the make it handle easier (lateralpoint) when the genua had to be told with strong winds. Some weeks ago ther was this option from Chris Dymond, it is seams very interesting and easy to construct.


    A very interesting boat for lakes I've seen 2 days ago it calls YSA Binnenracer, the hull is very similar of what I want.
    So I am looking for Inspiration, if anybody has a good Idea.


    The idea to construct in wood with e CAD and watercutted peaces lookes interesting. To make the front sektion of the waterline litte smother (sharp) I think a composite technique could be interesting wood-prepeg cabon.

    What do you think?

    Best regards Pagodino
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    Hi, did you find a project to Built a 10m race daysailer?
    I'm designing one and I think that if we want built two boat we can save money.
    If you r interested reply to this tread.
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