I am asking common questions about building a boat

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by rageplayermp1, Sep 2, 2006.

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    I'm 15 years old but good with my hands. Me and my friends think it might be cheaper to make a boat instead of buying one because were just kids and dont exactly have alot of money.....So, we need one that can hold 3 people, that can go into freshwater and salt probably on the flats if it is salt, thats cheap, and something that 3 15 year olds can build with maybe a little help from their dads. We havent built a boat before, so experience is low. Also, on the plans for most boats there is a price section, but no actual numbers. I need some numbers on what this is going to cost around. I was looking into the phantom 15 and 16 but they might be to hard/expencive. Anyone out there know what I should do?
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    Check out the Bolger/Payson line, http://instantboats.com/ I launched one of these powerboats when I started high school (and still use it, in fact), they're really well thought out designs.
    Reasonably good plans for a simple 15 footer might be in the $30-$60 range; the budget for the boat depends mainly on how long you want it to last.
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    I am a boat builder and maybe I can help you out, I have a new liner to a 16 ft bay boat already laid up but no hull, I will give you the liner if we could work something out for me laying up a hull. The liner has one very small area of damaged non skid, I am located in Florida also, Pictures can be seen on my website at if interested. These 16 ft bay molds are currently for sale.
  4. rageplayermp1
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    To Marshmat,

    Did you build the power boat yourself? wat kind of plywood did u use? marine? cause that stuff is like 100 bucks a sheet right now since the hurricane.......also, i have a small 10 foot old alluminum boat but its too small for me and another person right now. I know someone in the boating busniess so i got the new 2.5 hp fourstroke its tiny but do you think it could push that boat around ok on the flats? They are about 1/2 mile from where I would put the boat in.....Also, I need some numbers on what the boat is going to cost. It dosent need to last forever probably just 3-4 years since I wount be in highschool then.

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    whay don't you gain some experience with th build methods of the phantoms by building the canoe first? free plans http://www.bateau2.com/free/cheapcanoe.htm

    i have built the gf14 as my first boat and currently have the plans for a ph16 but not gonna start building it anytime soon. i am waiting on the 18 skiff plans to come out for my next build.

    the phantoms are gonna cost

    plans: 80.00
    pre cut plywood kit: 1860.00

    fiberglass and epoxy kit: 1104.00

    plus you have to factor in sand paper,paint,mixing sticks, and other materials that will be needed.

    then you have to think about rigging. motor,steering,gauges,wiring,batteries,trailer

    you will be into it for atleast 6,000 with a decent used outboard on a phantom.

    you can find a decent used boat that is ready to go for 3000-6000 unless you really want to build somthing and want a new boat that you can be proud to say you built it and know that quality work was done by your own hands.:D

    frankly i have worked on just a handful of production boats and don't like what i see when you take off a deck or sand off some gellcoat to do a reair. lots of chop gun boats out there. i am a believer in hand laid fabric not sprayed in chopped strands. i can say that the older makos where built pretty solid since i have worked on one and seen what they are made of first hand. find yourself a solid used 17 mako and you are in there. if it ever needs a transom repair done or a total rebuild it's a boat worth rebuilding.
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