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    Guys, gals
    I fiitted out a yacht with 120ac 60hz, put on all the top gear, the new owners are in a 230 vac 50hz place, they chucked out the expensive Denons and gave em to me
    I can step up Volts but making a HZ converter is expensive
    Will running these radios on 50 Hz kill em in long run, Electric motors are happy enuff, they just lose a few rpm,
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    Old Norwegian mercant sailers often brough home radios from the US.

    They normaly worked ok, but the LP players was running a litle slow resultin in Love me thender lasted 30sec extra:D

    Atleast that is the storys I was told when I grew up and I was also told there where modefyed to runn normal speed.

    Maybe electric components 30years ago could handle it bether than the one today:?:
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    What does the nameplate say??

    Lazyjack, what does the nameplate say for voltage/Frequency??

    It is likely that any 120V 60 Hz radio will work OK on 120V 50Hz.
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    The unit's internal power supply will usually step down and rectify the input power anyway, the internal electronics usually require DC power at or around 5, 12 and/or 15 V. Apart from a less efficient rectification and probably a little more ripple, I can't see any huge reasons why a 20% frequency variation would be a huge problem on a device with an internal, regulated power supply. For something that doesn't have internal power filters you might have trouble.

  5. lazeyjack

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    thanks all, I went all the way to Seattle to get all this stuff, inc the trace sine wave invertor, which has had to run 6 years cos its on 120, , there is no 120 shore in,in Aust. so we run off 900amp hour bank,, the bank is charged by a smartcharger that runs any VAC AND Hz,and or by the race through the genset at sea or buy the big dc alt on the main eng. i NEVER REALISED THAT dENON DO MAKE DUEL VOLTAGE STUFF, when it gets delivered on Saturday I will have more idea
    the Moorings Co. down in BVI told me there would be a great market for portable frequency /voltage converters down there So theres an opening for someone
    cheers Stu
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