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    sujeethmonu Asst Professor(mech dept)

    In freeship, I tried to find the hydrostatics by entering the
    start draft=0m
    end draft=1.7m
    step draft=0.010m
    trim=0.377m (which is the default value when i opened "hydrostatics" under calculation tab.
    I got the result in .txt format which shows the calculation only till draft of 0.280m. I tried varying draft step and tried other combinations as well but unable to calculate hydrostatics till the actual draft of 0.377.

    1) What is the reason for this?
    2) When i click on "hydrostatics", i get a window where the trim is default at 0.377m WHY?
    3) In "design hydrostatics" midship draft =0.377m. Is trim = midshift draft. I think Trim=draft forward-draft aft.
    I hope i'm not completely mistaken. Please help!
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    you might have some leak points at around 0.28+...
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