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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Bluwaterbrew, Nov 12, 2015.

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    Can anyone recommend a good book on hydrostatics? I have the Hydrostatics 1 and 2 books from the westlawn lite course but would like to learn more.
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    "Ship Hydrostatics and Stability" by A. B. Biran (ISBN 0 7506 4988 7) is a very good book.

    Also well-written is "Ship Stability for Masters and Mates" by D. R. Derret (ISBN 0 7506 4101 0), but as the title suggests, it is intended for a different audience than naval architects and therefor very "practical" without too much detail on theory.
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    What aspects of "hydrostatics" do you want to learn more about? The subject ranges from the minutiae of stability regulations to mathematical theory with a huge amount in between.

    Principles of Naval Architecture, Volume I 1988 (out of print) has a chapter on Intact Stability and another on Subdivision and Damage Stability, both a traditional naval architecture approach, and includes examples.

    Intact Stability Colin S Moore was intended to be the replace for the chapter of the same title in PNA. It is available from SNAME.

    Basic Ship Theory Volume 1 K J Rawson and E C Tupper, a naval architecture text, has several chapters relevant to hydrostatics including Floatation and trim, Stability, and part of Hazards and protection.
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