Hydrostatic assessment packages for long keel vessels

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Sotondesign, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Sotondesign
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    Sotondesign New Member

    I am currently assessing the stability of a 16m long keel, heavy displacment yacht with a large counter.
    I would welcome any suggestions from members regarding which hydrostatics package they would use for this job- programes such as MAXsurf are a nightmare to try and create this hull shape in them as they require so many surfaces.
    Are there any packages with are more suitable?
  2. Crag Cay
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    Crag Cay Senior Member

    Unless there is something really freakish about your design, I can't see what the problem would be modelling it in Maxsurf. I think the idea of searching out another program that will be 'easier' is the wrong tack. You would be better off spending the time getting to grips with Maxsurf and Hydromax and using those.

    Perhaps if you posted a sketch of your hull, people could give you some pointers on a reasonable way to model it.
  3. MikeJohns
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    Have a search for Rhinomarine. It is a plugin for Rhinoceros and you get to use it free for a couple of weeks. Generally though if you can get hold of the latest ver of hydromax it will read trimmed surfaces (apparently) from Rhino.

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