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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Apr 16, 2009.

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    From Scuttlebutt: DEVELOPING A NEW "FLYING BOAT"
    A revolutionary Franco-Swiss "flying yacht" project that aims to smash the
    round-the-world sailing record has entered a new phase. Experts at Lausanne's
    Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) on Wednesday presented to the media a
    small prototype catamaran which they are helping to develop. It is based on
    the Hydroptère hydrofoil vessel - the world's fastest sailing boat.

    The new test boat, known as Hydroptère.ch, will serve as a model for a future
    giant catamaran, Hydroptère Maxi, which will aim to beat the current 57-day
    round-the-world record. "We would like to go around the world in 40 days
    within the next two or three years," Alain Thébault, the 46-year-old Breton
    who is the brains and the driving force behind the Hydroptère. -- Read on:

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    These guys are spending megabucks trying to design the fastest possible hydrofoil sailboat, but then they go and slap on primitive fabric sails.

    Why are they not using wing (airfoil) sails which are inherently more efficient?
  3. Willallison
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    Bit difficult to reef a wing....
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