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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by afrhydro, Jul 16, 2010.

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    this has shown to be a move in the right direction
    this boat design sure has come a long way from the first water test back in 06
    i have had one test with the new reverse airtraps / afterplane pads
    4500 ish is 75 mph
    the boat felt like it was flying peficly the angle of attack was good
    im 100 % sure this boat will have a new personal top speed record next time out

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    afrhydro, i can only say WOW!!!

    looks really great and what a performance!
    I'm a student of entrepreneurship but very interested in having/making a hydroplane.
    Can you give me some advice how and where did you start? Maybe what should i be aware of etc. In which program did you do designing?

    Thank you and i will follow your work!
  3. afrhydro
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    well first off let me answer your second question first as to what you should be aware of / its dangerous as hell to do it the way i did it and i don't recommend it to be done the way i did it the only reason i have been as successful as i have is the 25 + plus years i have from my upbringing and background with hands on training in the field of repairs and re designs and people i sought advice from

    now the first question
    it all started with a dream a pile of wood and a pencil

    third question no i didn't use a computer just a tape measure and pictures from other boats and plans i found off the internet then i tracked down and made contacts with the professionals racers who offered advice along the way
    in the end i still did it my way with influence from the professionals which resulted it what i have today

    i actually built two of these boats the second boat only had one design change done to it and is currently drag racing with speeds of 80 + mph in the 1/4

    so in hind sight anything you design and plan to build should stick with what and where your going to use the boat for as the highest priority

    good luck to you be safe and in closing let me add
    its a labor of love with very little public reward but the personal reward is off the chart


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