Hydrophilic epoxy question

Discussion in 'Materials' started by thebruce, Jun 15, 2021.

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    A bit off topic but this seems the best place to potentially find a reasonable answer to the question of how effective applying an epoxy coat to weathered wood might be.
    Several years ago (+15), I built a rather long, mixed oak fence to retain livestock. It is time to replace it so I am trying to decide how to use the remaining solid timber. The patina is actually quite beautiful...and there is a lot of it. Mostly 1x6x8-ish.
    Re-use will be interior.
    I want to apply a flat coating to capture dust, mold and mildew spores and harden the surface (part of which is lichen).
    The fence is still standing but will be removed in August when it is dry. I càn sticker stack it if I have to but would prefer to pretreat it while still horizontal...hopefully something spray-on (and not too environmentally hazardous).
    I reckon boat builders/owners know more about preserving wood thàn any other group since the life cycle of performance wood products is so greatly accelerated.
    Any suggestions appreciated. I often make mental notes to myself when something I am doing might apply to another endeavor. If not, then imagine extending the life of a a beautifully weathered wheelhouse.
    I have read on this forum that oak sometimes doesn't laminate as well as it might (maybe because of tannins?) But the use will not likely be structural.
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    I have decades of industrial painting experience.

    Almost any clear sealer will work.

    Your desire to leave outside for the next few months does not work in your favor.

    Interior clear coat sealers will be the least visible choice. But they won't survive your planned time table. Epoxy will die by UV as well

    Exterior rated varnish must be applied rather thickly.

    Do a few boards with an exterior varnish to see if acceptable appearance.
    Do a few boards with Interior, compare the appearances.
    Decide if pre-finishing is the way you want to go.
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