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    I am at the conceptualising stage of a boat design. It will be approximately 40 ft and include retractable, or folding, hydrofoils. It will be a powered vessel. I hope to achieve a cruising speed of around 40 kts.

    As I am at the earliest stages of this design I am yet to complete the requisite study and reading. I thought I would start here with one of the basic questions in the hope your guidance will help streamline my learning process.

    Of the many types of hydrofoil design, please could you recommend what might be best for my boat? I am designing a boat to be primarily strong and efficient as a long-distance cruiser (low-fuel burn) - as an efficient form of long-distance personal, live-aboard transportation. Longevity, low-maintenance, reliability, and efficiency are the primary considerations. The budget will not be limitless. Complexity should also be minimised.

    If there is a compromise to be made then I am open to your recommendations.

    As I said, I have much reading to do but where better a place to start than here?

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