Hydraulics consultant available?

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Stillbuilding, May 6, 2012.

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    Stillbuilding Junior Member

    I have a 66' steel cruising yacht approaching machinery installation.
    Mostly under control but I need some advice re hydraulics. I am needing some advice towards circuit and manifold design. I have acquired some core machinery and have a good idea of my required hydraulic functions.
    Anyone out there looking for a bit of professional revenue?
    Yacht is building in Australia, I am living Hong Kong and it probably does not matter where you might live.
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    bertho bertho

    did you have you have many items to power or just windlass ? hydraulic for simple installation are strait forward, you only need do good choice at the beginning..when i was building fishing boat, that the only system rough fisherman have difficulty to destroy !!
    if you go for complex system for winch/bowthruster/furler etc.. desing can be more tricky to avoid to end with a "gas factory " !!
    you can run the pump with the man engine, (as generally you lift the anchor with engine running) and if you don't order your gearbox yet, he can be a good choice to add the optional hydraulic clutch on it, that generally the weakest (and expensive) item , the clutch for the pump..
    running with a power pack is also easy to install but you need to have power and run the generator (and no backup..)
  3. Stillbuilding
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    Stillbuilding Junior Member

    I will have the two big consumers - bowthruster and windlass. The transmission does give me the live drive but is probably not really big enough at lower revs to manage either. I can run the thruster off the genset OK and/or run off the propulsion engine PTO.

    Will have boom controls and headsail sheet controls via a separate 24VDC pumpset - that part already done with existing manifold.

    Will have headsail furlers x 2, boom furling and 4 sheet winches to run off separate 240VAC electric powerpak.

    I guess that sort of sorts out the issues really.

    I have in mind three manifolds - the existing one for boom and headsail leads, one for the thruster/windlass and the other for the sail controls.
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