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    I realise that this application is much larger than those normally discussed here. But, I recently was notified of a rather interesting hybrid ferry project in the states. Washington State Department of Transportation has put out a requests for proposals for the conversion of their Hyak ferry to a hybrid propulsion system. Here are the details:


    On page 46, they seem quite intent on a rather large quantity of lithium ion batteries. Of course, it may not be so large compared to the Scottish hybrid ferries when one considers the size of the ship.

    Also, an interesting simplified diagram of the propulsion system can be found on page 12. It appears that thye are proposing a DC transmission network yet utilizing AC generators and AC motors. I have seen such concepts from ABB and Siemens so I don't know if they are possible suitors to this project.

    All together, very interesting and I appreciate hearing from others as to such a novel concept.
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