Hybrid Electric Boat with large Wind Generator

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by rainmaking, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Keep pulling together the SoR.!

    I'm without internet now but still check in every now and then.

    Gyroscopically the main issue to look at is the P effect (precession)

    I think the basic premise is valid if the boat is to be a base of operations or full time live aboard, at anchor but quickly loses sense if any significant time fraction is spent dockside, but you've probably realized that already.

    Current; i dnt know about Bahamas, but in the caribbean, the few places like that are not appropriate for anchoring. It'll need further looking into.

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    I've been kinda waiting to see if anyone else will point out the fact that this boat will-with the 40' dry garage will be quite slab sided- be in of itself a huge sail.

    And that every good anchorage/marina/hideaway cove is situated leeward for a lack of waves and....a lack of wind.
    Almost every sailor I ever knew with wind generators-at least in my area - has removed them due to their uselessness.

    If you plan on anchoring in windy areas to generate power,I'd suggest tripling up on your anchoring requirements.
    And I'm not sure insurance would cover your wreck if they deem you anchored in a non prudent location.
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