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Hybrid Bay Boat molds, includes complete engineering.

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by Eastward, Jul 31, 2018.

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    Eastward New Member

    This complete set of molds is for the Eastward Coastal 2200 Hybrid Bay Boat. The sale includes everything needed to add to an existing boat line or to start manufacturing from scratch, for someone who wants to get into the boat building business. We are selling this model, so we can have more room to concentrate on our 30’ Catamaran. Included:

    Hull mold

    Deck mold

    Console mold

    Console door mold

    8 hatch molds

    Stringer, transom and bulkhead templates

    A complete set of engineered drawings by a Naval Architect

    A complete bill of materials

    Detailed costing

    List of suppliers

    Lamination schedule

    Labor hours

    Brochure template

    Pictures and Videos of existing boats built from the molds

    Webpage templates

    Performance reports

    ¼. ½, and full page ads

    For more information, check out our website at:

    Coastal 2200 Home http://www.eastwardboats.com/eastward_boats_2018_002.htm

    Demo boat also available

    $22,000 for molds and supporting documents

    (Demo boat extra)

    These are production molds ready to start building tomorrow. They are prepped with ChemLease PMR release. The hull design has a sharp entry, wide beam and a full length running pad. Can be sold as a Center Console, Dual Console or Single Side Console. This boat has a good following and we have done a lot of promotion. Check out these videos of our 500 Mile Trip around the Southern tip of Florida:

    Boating Destinations http://www.eastwardboats.com/eastward_boats_2018_011.htm

    For more info call 772 207-8244 or go to www.eastwardboats.com

    2018 brochure.JPG
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    Eastward New Member

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