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    We am developing a fish cage farm in Haiti on a large 46,000 acre lake. We need to build a low cost steel work boat or barge. The purpose is to take baby fish, feed to the site cages and take back to dock live adult market size fish. We believe 5000 lbs of fish with 2500 gallons of water (inside) the barge would be sufficient. So I guess that would mean we need to haul 10 tons? The distance from the lake cage site to the dock is only 3 kilometers. There is currently no buracratic or certication requirements. We don't need speed. Waves can be 3-4 feet in high winds of 40 knts. What I am looking for is a basic hull design that we can organize a local welding crew on our lake site shore and weld this together piece by piece. On the boat we'd need some indoor area for rain, and were going to install a hoist, crane 1000-2000 lb capacity to pick up the fish from the floating cages. We believe the boat needs to be about 35 FT +., my dock depth or draft of boat when full needs to be not more than 3.5 ft. Is this something someone from this forum can discuss? I'm not asking for free, we can pay for the drawings. Thanks in advance.
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    we will be happy to assist you

    we have designed barges to be use by fish farms in the east med and will be happy to assist you
    pleas contact: yanivmass@gmail.com
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