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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Matt Lingley, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Matt Lingley
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    Matt Lingley Junior Member

    I've picked up an abandoned Hurley 18 very cheaply, In solid but tatty condition. Can anyone who has sailed/owned one sugest any ways of improving the boats all round performance? I am considering adding a scoop to the transom, but I dont know if it will be in the water enough to lengthen the waterline heeled, do they drag their sterns at all whilst heeled? I have never sailed one nore seen one sailing, and I cant find any pics of one going upwind online...
  2. Andy
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    Andy Senior Member

    hi matt

    having seen a couple of Hurley 18's sailing on the clyde and the forth, i don't think you would gain much by adding a scoop. the angle of the run aft is pretty steep and even when heeled a scoop would displace very little water. they are lovely little boats though - if you want more speed then perhaps you should look at new sails, fairing the hull or possibly a new rudder (the old ones are pretty heavy afaik).

    I too am consudering buying a Hurley 18 - if anyone knows of any cheap ones in Britain, let me know!!!

    Andy ;)
  3. Matt Lingley
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    Matt Lingley Junior Member

    Unfortuately I think I just snapped up the cheapest! The hull is stripped to the gel, which is pefect as the boats been on the hard for 7 years. I'm going to fair the trailing edge of the rudder and keel though as they are pretty fat and round in section back there and i've got a resonable suit of 707 sails to cut down, laminate sails on a hurley 18! Might look at adding a scoop and at the same time adding a bit to the bottom to extend the waterline, if I can do it without making the lines look a mess.
    I'm not worried about 'spoiling' the boat as it was so cheap, it would be hard to make a massive loss.

  4. John Mc
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    John Mc New Member

    Hurley Felicity

    Hi Mat, How did you get on with the hurley felicity? I have just picked one up that needs a bit of work.

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