Hunter Edge VS MacGregor M

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Squidly-Diddly
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    Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

    Biggest diff seems to be the Hunter's stern is a lot more user friendly for boarding, washing off hands, feet and other stuff in the water, etc.

    Would the Hunter be a better quality boat because they also make "real boats"?

    Why does MacGregor say their outboard can be started by hand but the Hunter's is very difficult? Isn't that completely dependent on the motor? or is it how the motor is mounted? Is their some big 'divide' between a 60hp and 75hp motor on this issue?

    Starting a 60hp motor 'by hand' sounds challenging, especially at sea. I've owned a KICK-start-only OLD(40hp?) Harley and that took everything I had at 200+lbs and 20yrs old. Note that "kick" really means "body weight from 2-3ft up".

    On a side issue, is their such thing as a powerful(but compact and stowable) hand crank or pedal crank emergency generator for putting a motor cranking or radio charge on a flat battery? Similar to as seen on "Gilligan's Island"?

    Wouldn't these sort of boats be idea for those huge, long flat lakes in North Dakota? They have windmill 'farms' in ND, and the lakes are 200 miles LONG but never more than 20 miles wide...and I'm sure vast areas are quite shallow.

    Has anyone had any success using a trailered boat as a live-in camper/RV?


  2. Easy Rider
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    Easy Rider Senior Member

    Looks like the "start" issue would be that pedestal thing in the center of the stern of the Hunter. I like the MacGregor but I have no use for the sailboat part, the open to the weather cockpit or the tiny puny little bow. Viewed as a powerboat is shines very brightly as there are almost no boats for a 50-60 hp OB that run efficiently and gracefully at 15 knots. If they'd get rid of the sail stuff, give it an enclosed cabin, Keep the ballasted bilge and grace the boat w a serious bow that one could see over at 15 knots I'd be all over the thing.
  3. cthippo
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    cthippo Senior Member

    Is the one on the right in the upper photo standard or an optional accessory?
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