human powered boat capsize test video

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by gregk, Oct 7, 2007.

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    gregk GregK

    Check out this video of the capsize test yesterday:

    We set up a water proof lipstick camera to the bow of WiTHiN facing back, one in the cockpit of WiTHiN to catch the action from Within WiTHiN, and our HD video footage shot from the dock.

    Over all - a pretty successful day.

    WiTHiN handled at speed much like what I remembered from my kayak hull top deck weight simulation test. She motored right along nicely at speed and tipped quite dramatically when I threw that over sized rudder all the way to one side which was pretty fun - no concerns or surprises at all. You can see in the video how responsive she is to rudder movements. Again - she is a blast to ride! The steering has been changed from that long plastic push/pull rod to a cable loop and it is WAY easier to steer now that it used to be.

    Greg K
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