Hullspeed Slender Body Plots

Discussion in 'Software' started by Daniel Holman, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Daniel Holman New Member

    Does anyone else out there have trrouble getting sensible contour/render plots from hullspeed's slender body method?
    Mine are all fine up to Fn = 0.4, but after that there always seems to be a discontinuity around the end of the "virtual appendage"
    Have tried without it, but the model generally sh*ts the bed.
    I perhaps have falle short a little bit on iteration cycles - I haven' had the patience to stick around whilst it does the maximum 5000001 - perhaps this would help.
    It makes for a particularly dodgy looking broad immersed transom - i.e. the virtual appendage is approaching the length of the vessel.

    Any feedback gratefully recieved

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