HullForm on Windows 10 - need htmlhelp.lib

Discussion in 'Software' started by spgfr, Aug 10, 2019.

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    I'm attempting to get Hullform running under Windows 10 - all the source files compile fine, but the linker can't find htmlhelp.lib. Unfortunately, the user manual installation from the lcc site doesn't install this file. Can anyone point me toward a copy?

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    BOATMIK Deeply flawed human being

    As of April 2020 it is running again.

    It stopped working under windows 8.1 or windows 10 for a long time. Even with lots of fiddling with the compatibility settings in windows. it wouldn't work.

    Now it does - suddenly. I've tried to install semi regularly. I paid for it years ago and used it for a decade or so.

    I have a suspicion. I recently downloaded and installed the latest Rhino 3D. It downloaded a heap of extra Visual Basic files and other support files.

    Note that some screens pop up from Windows Account Control "do you really want to run this" but click through and it starts fine, operates well and outputs files just fine.

    Even the Icon looks cooler!

    I put my experience here so it can help others.

    Best wishes
    Michael Storer
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