Hull surface from a lines drawing of plan/profile with a few frames?

Discussion in 'Software' started by aktxyz123, Aug 23, 2020.

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    I have been playing around with Rhino3d/Orca3d ... was hoping to find something that would let me extract a general hull form (control mesh) from a plan view, profile view, and some number of stations ... but does not seem to have something like that.

    Any one every try this and have luck with Rhino3d (or some other tool) ?
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    Of course, the same has been done on multiple occasions. What I'm not so sure is that it can be done with Rhino.
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    If you have access to Autocad or Solidworks, the program could construct a table of offsets. If not then you could construct the table with your manual drawing board. If the boat has fairly flat sections you can do the basic layout and offsets in a couple of hours. If the boat has rounded sections then you will need a little more time to measure the buttock and waterlines which will let you lay out the frame measurements.

  4. DCockey
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    Rhino can be used to create a hull surface models from a plan view, profile view and stations. Depending on the shape of the hull and the details of the information available it may be possible to obtain using a single command (such as Loft, Sweep2 or NetworkSrf) a surface suitable for hydrostatic calculations and similar. However many hull shapes require multiple steps. Also multiple steps may be needed depending on the details of the hull shape and how refined the surface needs to be.

    If you post an example here someone may offer some advice on how to proceed. Another excellent source for information about Rhino is the Rhino forum. It is usually very welcoming to new users of Rhino and their questions.
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