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Discussion in 'Props' started by Scofield, Feb 21, 2012.

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    For my master degree project, I need scientific papers about "hull - propeller flow interaction". I have found various but most of them are not about yachts, generally tankers, container carriers..etc... I need a couple of papers about motor yacht and sail boat hull - propeller interaction.
    Is there any sites that i can download free?

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    I don't think there are many sites where you can download them at all. In general, most of such papers cover tankers or other kind of merchant ships. Not because tankers are particularly interesting by themselves, but because on luxury yachts owners, (not to mention sailboats) owners find little motive for such measurements.

    Yachts are not the boats where the economy of fuel is important, in the same way as it is on, for example, oil carriers.

    Why do you need yachts & sailboats specifically?
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    Sounds like a perfect Master's thesis.....;)

    Anyway, ldigas is correct. The amount of money and time required to optimize fuel economy for a boat is not worth it. You will will spend more money and fuel in the project than you will ever save on the vessel. For a "boat", what you get is what you get, and if it is not fast enough you throw kW at the problem.

    If you want a fuel efficient boat, you fit it with the largest, slowest turning wheel you can...But as Idigas said, not many people are concerned about fuel economy. Think of it this much does a 15m crusing sailboat run it's motor for propulsion?..I'd say less than 100 hr a year even if used heavily, so with a 30 kW engine @ 8lt/hr @ 1.6e/lt over the 20 year life of the vessel thats only 25,600 euros for fuel ever...for a 250,000 euro boat. So even if you were to increase efficiecy by 10%, which would be unheard of, the total cost of the project would have to be less than 2500 euros....

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    Try this:
    Blount D.L., Bartee R.J. Design of Propulsion Systems for High Speed Craft// Marine Technology, Vol.34, No.4, 1997.
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