Hull molds: bother to rework them for stepped hull?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by meblom, Mar 4, 2012.

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    This may be one of the most random questions of the year, but here goes:

    I am part of a group that is considering the purchase of a group of high quality hull, deck, and accessory molds from a defunct builder of 25-35' center consoles. This segment has obviously exploded in the last 15 yrs, so the move seems to make sense, if we can get our arms around production costs, etc.

    This is all still VERY preliminary.

    With a few exceptions, most builders have gone to stepped bottoms. Builders like Sea Hunter and Jupiter are sticking to their guns w/ non-stepped hulls.

    Question: is it worth it to retool the hull molds to produce a stepped surface? Would we be significantly limiting our market, if we chose to go into production w/ the current non-stepped deep-V design?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. gonzo
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    If you want a stepped hull, since that is what is fashionable and sells, it will be better and cheaper to have one designed. Steps have to be incorporated in the design. It is not something that gets glued on the bottom and will produce good results. In fact, it most likely will be the opposite.
  3. keysdisease
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    If it was a good design and well recieved, don't "fix" it. And like Gonzo said, steps aren't something added easily or correctly.

    If the builder had a good name and the name was available then your marketing will be easier. Breaking into a very intensly competitive segment of the market with a unknown name stepped hull will be difficult without a real marketing wizard. Boats like what you describe are typically sold to experienced boaters, they will be shy around an unproven stepped hull.

    And a badly designed stepped hull can be a very big liability.

  4. meblom
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    meblom Junior Member

    Make no mistake, we are counting on considerable expense, if we were to create new hull molds w/ a re-engineered running surface.

  5. michael pierzga
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    Presently In the shipyard is a expense unlimited, custom built, high power , megayacht centre console tender.

    I can only assume that the shape of this step is advantageous to performance and may be worthwhile to investigate when upgrading your molds.

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