Hull modelling and stability

Discussion in 'Software' started by Lateral thinker, Apr 3, 2015.

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    Lateral thinker New Member

    Dear Naval architects i am in need of your help

    My objective is to model a Barge or ship and to get the stabillity parameter (GZ Curve) of it.

    First of all im a beginner in Ship design, so please bear with me if any of words are not appropriate

    I have tried two softwares Maxsurf and Rhino

    In Rhino
    I have installed the orca 3d plugin but stucked how to start despite watching the tutorial on youtube several times.

    i downloaded the rapid hull modelling plugin but all my attempts ended in vain

    In Maxsurf

    Maxsurf has barge models available in the model library.
    To Get a stability parameter all i have to do is to choose one model and click the type of stability analysis i want.
    i get results in few minutes but i have no idea about it because i have no idea about modeLLING.


    What are all the inputs needed to model a Barge or ship?
    Principle particulars ,lines plan and anything else??

    How to review the results of stability?
    I hope someone has some checklist to make sure the stability values are correct.

    i am sure some one has tried this before.
    So please share the barge or ship model u did in the past with the inputs u have.

    I will try it in Rhino or maxsurf and share the results with you.

    It would be better for me if someone gives me a barge or ship hull modling tutorial

    Expecting reply
    Thanks in advance
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    Dr34m3r Senior Member

    I just wonder, have you naval architecture / ship design theory knowledge ? or you just want to use the software ?
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