Hull fairing software: Rhino vs. Prosurf/FastYacht

Discussion in 'Software' started by chomchan, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. chomchan
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    I am preparing the software for my Westlawn module. It recommended me to use either Prosurf or FastYacht with Proteus as hull fairing software. I wondered that are Rhino and Prosurf or FastYacht the same kind of software? I do have Rhino and just don't want to spent more money on other software, if they are the same and Rhino is enough to design hull fairing.

    Thanks for all comments
  2. oceanmaster66
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    Take a look at Maxsurf, they have an academic version that is FREE. You can find it at:

    You just have to register.
  3. CGN
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    Prosurf and Fastship are different, these are more directed towards hull modeling and fairing, these software's have included basic hydrostatics calculations, but if you add the stability plug in to rhino then you will almost have the same features as prosurf or Fastyacht, Rhino is capable of hull design and fairing, as ocenmaster66 mentioned, you can download a free version of Maxsurf, you can try it and see the differences between a hull design software and Rhino

    I use prosurf and freeship because IMO is more easy for me to create the hull surfaces and then export to rhino to finalized the models.
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