Hull design question (for thesis project, please help)

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by justinDesign, Sep 6, 2007.

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    I am designing a 14-16 ft inland fishing vessel and am looking for hull type suggestions. The criteria is that the vessel must have low draft, be easily planed, and remain stable while at rest, due to the fact that one is intended to stand up and fish in it.

    Any suggestions, pictures, or websites would be helpful.
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    This may be off the mark, but gives a bit of food for thought ;)
    Click here
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    You make me feel tired emotionally.
    Your gonna try and write a thesis on something about as common as dirt?

    Theres photos, designs and brochures all over the net.

    But you need to say what feature your design has, not what another guy's has.
    And then explain it in terms of Physics.
    And then proove that your design will do what you think it will do.
    And then make sure you do the same with ever aspect of the hull, all the while making certain that each aspect will be compatible with each other aspect.
    And then do it all over again when you discover that one aspect will counteract another and you made a comprimise.
    Then you have to go over the whole thing again, and again....until it's all compatible and will work together as a system.

    Lordy, I've gotta lay my head down an cry for a bit now!

    Be sure to post a picture or drawings of your tentative ideas.
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