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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by boatbuilder12, Aug 27, 2008.

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    hi, all i'm new to here so please excuse me if i make a mistake. I am designing a hull for a house boat and am wondering if this would work. Could you build a a house boat hull that was barge style but twin hulled like a catamaran. there would be two hulls but the bow ends would be angled. would they be fuel efficient, would they create less drag than a mono hull barge style houseboat? the size houseboat i want to buil is a 48foot by 16 foot houseboat. the hulls would be 4ft. by 4ft. by 48ft. any help would be very appreciated because i have never designed a boat before.
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    This fellow have done it, he used two large ehhh "pipes"....
    ended up with a vessel of approx 90' and 300 m2 area, separate docking station for extra boat, almost forgot the elevator....:D

    (he used to be a farmer, but as he said he got tired of working, and needed a hobby, this is at least his second design (I've seen the one prior to this.... that was big enough I thought), there may be one boat built before that again... tired of working...?:rolleyes: ).

    In Norwegian of course... all you who doesn't understand one of the main langues of this world, enjoy the pictures....:D
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    thankyou for your help.

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    Knut, that is one awsome home build project you linked to.

    The hulls are based on 110 cm tubes, 2 x 340 hp gives 17 knots, the owner built it in one year, full time.

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