HPB Micro Paddle-Wheel Voyager

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    I aim to build a rather unconventional boat in the next few months/as soon as possible.

    it will be/have A forward mounted Human powered paddle-wheel system.
    the Human interface for this will be an older Schwinn AirDyne.

    from the Schwinn Machine to a set of Jack Shafts, gearing down to drive the Paddle-wheel at the appropriate speed/torque.
    using all 420 chain which is compatible with the Schwinn's 410/420 gearing.

    the Paddle-Wheel axle-shaft I have to use for this is an Old Manco Kart Axle.
    1" twin keyed axle with a large 420 sprocket and quad pillow-block bearings.

    this project/boat will also carry/have another Axle for research/an engineering purpose.

    the requirements for this start with it's servicing as either a bicycle trailer or a Hand cart.
    it will have a micro cabin for sleeping safely in any conditions.
    it will have a second human interface for generating electric power to cook and distill water.
    it will BE a tent.......it's own garage.

    the design for the hull is fairly complicated.
    it must be as narrow as possible.
    but not so long as to make it impossible to pull through heavy brush/wooded areas.
    it MUST be Self-Righting and SO Stable as to make it nearly impossible to capsize.

    I am leaning towards a completely steel construction.
    but would like to keep the loaded/completely loaded vessel weight under 350lbs...

    checkout the photo's here of my axles...
    the current open sea best average speed is held under 3-knots!
    I would love to achieve at least 5/7knots!!!

    I would appropriate any input on this project.
    or any materials/supply's you may feel like donating;-)
    I will start the build once I obtain a sufficient shielding gas welder of some kind.

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