howto make hatch inner more glossy ?

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by hyboats, Nov 2, 2012.

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    look at the hatch photo we made, we usually sand with #400sandpaper then put on some poly putty :D
    Who has better idea ?

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  2. Herman
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    If you need a series of these, use VARTM (RTMLight) as production method.

    If it is just this single one, some elbow grease, a sander and some paint will do.
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    Glossy, is function of finish, assuming prep is sufficiently smooth enough, which doesn't address the issue of fairness.

    I think 400 grit is way to fine a grit, for filler overcoats. I wouldn't go over 180, with 100 and 120 being typical. The filler has to have a mechanical key, especially with polyester fillers, where grip is marginal to say the least.

    Assuming a fair and smooth surface, the question of gloss is ambiguous at best. High gloss requires very smooth prep and LPU's paints or gel coats that get buffed smooth after cure. Maybe if you offered a more refined question . . .

  4. tunnels

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    yeah make a inner skin and when you finished laminating the outer part and it still soft fit the inner skin and vac it down Hard inside so becomes one !!
    Then you have a perfect finish same as the outside or better ,its up to you !! saves all that filling fairing and painting thats hardly ever seen !!!!:confused:

    I am always skeptical of things that are shiney because usually means they were damaged and been repaired and repainted . make a mould with a semi leather grain finish instead of smooth and shiny !!
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