how to use autohydro for incling test

Discussion in 'Stability' started by hellojaby, Dec 4, 2012.

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    hi everybody,

    i want to know how to use autohydro for incling test ,i can't find the sample .run file in the sample folder,who has this pls show it for me Tks.
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    You don't need software for the actual inclining test.

    It can make it a little easier to get your results but if you have a decent stability book you really don't need stability software.

    You perform the test and you get your deflections and drafts. Usually you enter this stuff into a spreadsheet to calculate your heeling moments and get a GM.

    You then can either interpolate your drafts from the stability book or enter them into your stability program to get your as inclined displacement and hydros. Work backwards from your KMt to get your VCG and you're all done. That's about it.

    In my opinion the biggest advantage to having the boat/ship fully modeled in stability software is tankage data. You can enter your sounding numbers for the tanks into the software and it will give you the weights and centres of each tank as loaded. If the vessel has many tanks this can save a lot of time over interpolating from the tank tables. If it is a small boat with only a couple of tanks it can be quicker to do it all in a spreadsheet.

    The other big advantage with stab software of course is if you need to make a new stability book.
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