How to start work in Maxsurf Stability?

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    Calculation of an intact stability and unsinkability with the program Maxsurf Stability - tips:
    1. When the ready file from Maxsurf Modeler for the first time open in Stability, we see the table Section Calculation Options with a mark on Read existing data and sections /du not update geometry/. I recommend to not change it /see Fig 1/.
    2. The diligent preliminary preparation is necessary:
    2.1 Under Rules of Classification organization it is necessary to establish what cases of the loads for the projected class of the ship are required to calculate for an intact and damaged vessel.
    2.2 To indicate what we want to make - for example Large Angle Stability /see Fig 2/.
    2.3 To enter names of all cases of the loads /see Fig 3/.
    2.4 To indicate on intact or damage vessel /see Fig 4/.
    2.5 To supplement the table for all tanks /Room Definition Window/-see Fig 5.
    Attention! It is not necessary previously in Modeler to add any internal constructions - bulkheads, walls, platforms. But it is necessary to know their arrangement. If you have Scheme of tanks, be guided on it and on the adopted design /practical/ frames. It is necessary to supplement the table snug only. Even in view of arrangement of thickness concerning design frames.
    2.6 It is necessary to make a calibration of all tanks /see Fig 6/.
    2.7 After the calibration of tanks it is necessary to supplement the table for each case of the loads separately /Load Case Window/-see Fig 7.
    2.8 We point downflooding points /Key Points Window/-see Fig 8.
    2.9 We point the Margin Line Points in Margin Line Points Window -see Fig 9.
    2.10 Must select criteria about an intact and damage stability - see Fig 10, Fig 11 and Fig 19.
    2.11 In Maxsurf Modeler v.20 - Manual, page 26 it is shown how it is necessary to calculate Windage area and area centroid height. Too it is shown and on page 27 in Maxsurf Stability v.20-Manual. But it is possible for calculating in an Excel precisely as it is specified in Rules or at other programs, for example in Delftship Pro and then to add in stability criteria - see Fig 11. Next time I shall show you how it to make.

    3. It is already possible to press button Start Analysis - see Fig 12.
    The outcomes can be seen on:
    Current Results Window - Fig 13
    Criteria Results Window - Fig 14
    Key Point Results Window - Fig 15
    Report window - Fig 16
    Graph Window-Righting Lever - Fig 17
    Graph Window - Dynamic Stability - Fig 18

    NA Razmik Baharyan

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    The first thing I want to say is that, in my opinion, you do 3D models extremely good. I would like to be as skilled as you in this matter.
    That said I also like to ask if what you intend to teach us is how to use MaxSurf, because for that there is an "User Guide", very good. Instead, I'd very much like you to help us interpreting the results you show. For example :
    - Why the flooding angle, 60 degrees, is so high?
    - The curve of GZ values do not appear to be affected by the existence of a very large forecastle deck. Why so?.
    - Why the maximum value of the DN values curve, apparently, does not match the AVS?
    - Is it real that tank in the bow with three steps on its top?
    - The curve for severe wind and rolling is a horizontal line of ordinate = 0. How is that possible?
    I hope you do not mind my questions. Cheers
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    Dear Razmik, do you offer Maxsurf courses?

    I'm interesting in improve my current skills.

    Best Regards,

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