How to solve error when import hull form from Autoship to Modelmaker

Discussion in 'Software' started by xhanasico, Jun 25, 2007.

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    xhanasico Junior Member

    When I export file from Autoship to Autohydro and import to Modelmaker, some of the components are not defined with many sections. I had answered No to the prompt "User defined sections".
    I don't know the reason why and how to solve this problem...?
  2. robsime
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    I'm not sure if I can help you with this problem directly, but if you use Rhino I can suggest a quick way of generating a gf file for use with Autohydro. Rhino 4.0 allows you to export gf components by using the Attach GHS Data command. Let me know if you use Rhino and I'll help you out with this.
  3. petlily
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    Autoship will export a gf file that will be evenly spaced to about 40 stations if you answer No to "User defined sections". This will result certain part of the hull to appear with wiggly lines or lost altogether especially at those parts with prominent curvature, abrupt changes of shape or at raised deck. To make these components visible, you need to define more stations at Contours to refine the shape and answer Yes to "User defined sections".
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