How To Sink a Princess 46

Discussion in 'Stability' started by CDK, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    This happened earlier this week on a stormy afternoon in our local marina.

    The owner had removed the exhaust hoses in autumn to make sure he bought the proper diameter, but didn't find the time to install new ones.
    For the spectators the whole event took less than half an hour.

    The salvage people found the new hoses in the main cabin, hardly recognizable because the whole interior was covered in black engine oil.

    The lesson: if you remove your exhaust hoses and go home, make sure there are no waves.

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  2. cthippo
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    cthippo Senior Member

    Can we say "progressive downflooding"?
  3. mark775

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    I saw this happen to a boat while running once! It was a cat and, being a cat, had no room to get down there and fix the combined problem of unconnected exhaust hose and some bit of debris in the bilge pump, it soon was hanging by an air bubble in the bow of the second hull and some buoys. The captain was able to open the hatch and watch the water coming in the exhaust, which was then below the waterline, then step off onto another boat with his passengers.
    "Gee, the boat is riding smooth today", "and slow", "and it's leaning" WT...?
  4. Typhoon
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    Wow.....a piece of inner tube and the existing hose clamps for the hoses and it would've been watertight for as long as he wanted.
    Dumb is spreading like wildfire these days.....
  5. Carteret
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    Carteret Senior Member

    That is some clear water for a marina.
  6. CatBuilder

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    Wow. That was one very poorly designed catamaran.

  7. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    This part of the Mediterranean is famous for its clear water. The secret is the salinity of almost 4% and a rocky seabed.

  8. irv
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    irv Junior Member

    Wow, wish I could do that, I could really brag to the boys about that. Sadly we all could in one form or another.
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