How to make this interior panel

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Westerly23, Nov 28, 2009.

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    I'm trying to work out a nice, simple way to put the side panels up in the interior, the area around the port lights (windows).

    The area the is causing some difficulty is the forward facing area in the vee berth. This area is curved side to side, and top to bottom, like a bowl. So....

    After reading about cold molding, I was thinking I could laminate a few thin sheets together. This still leaves a finishing issue. How to finish the edges.

    So I was thinking, I can make up the trim pieces in a cold molded fashion, and leave a dado, or groove joint that a 1/4 piece of material can sit it. By laminating the top and bottom trim pieces in place, I'll get a spot on fit and the trim will hold the sheet material in the correct shape. This way I also don't need to worry about the trim trying to spring flat and pulling away from the hull.

    I'm sure this issue has been delt with before, how do others trim out some of these curves? I'll test my idea here soon with some scrap, but if someone can shed some real life experiance, that'd be great.
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    It won't work because you can't bend a sheet in two directions. Either you have to make a plastic bubble with matching shape, or develop a cut that will be in the same plane, that is flat.
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    Sheets of what?.. thin veneers can be somewhat shaped like you want. How much depends and no accurate bend% excists. So you might try. Make a plug (female&male), get some veneers and try steaming and pressing in.. when dried into shape glue together and plug again.. You need thou 3-5 layers to have good result, but needs only the visible one beeing the "best" quality..
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