How to make smoother curve on delftship

Discussion in 'Software' started by Hilmi Amroe, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Hilmi Amroe
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    Hilmi Amroe New Member

    Dear all,

    I just use delfship software to create hull shape, but I can't find how to make smoother curve on this software. Previously, I use maxsurf for creating hull and there is feature to make smooth curve and straight line. But in delftship I can not find it.

    Might be anybody know about this and share this information, I'll appreciate for that.

    Warmest regard,

  2. daiquiri
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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    Hi Hilmi,

    Freeship does not have a command for sutomatically smoothing a surface, and I guess the same is true for Delftship. You'll have to work it out manually.

    My hints for making smooth hulls are:
    1) The number of control points has to be minimum. Do not use a 20x20 grid if you can do the same job with, say, 8x4 or possibly even coarser. I did some nice developable hulls with a really coarse grid, like 6x3.

    2) use the "Gaussian curvature" and "Zebra" views to spot any discontinuities or uneven spots on the surface of your hull

    3) Use the "Align" command to put any number of points along a straight line, when necessary. First choose three or more points by picking them while holding "ctrl" button pressed, and then click the "Align" command in the icon-command line above the viewport. The first and the last points in the row will be the extremes of the line, the rest of selected points will be aligned in between them.​

    You could also check this post: for more info on working with Freeship/Delftship.

    Hope it helps.

  3. keith66
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    keith66 Senior Member

    With Delftship you have the control curve option & curvature plots to help you. Plus the auto fair button.
    I have been using Delftship for a few years now but am nowhere near proficient enough with the program to get a perfectly fair hull.
    As time was pressing I have just lofted the boat ( A 27ft rowing gig) out full size. This might seem a retrograde step or even heresy for those proficient in its use but it has taught me quite a bit about the accuracy possible.
    Most of the lines were very accurate, but odd coordinates here & there were miles out. Im glad i didnt cut the molds out from a DXF file!
    I have no doubt that the program can do this but for me not just yet!
    Plus i like lofting!

  4. Hilmi Amroe
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    Hilmi Amroe New Member

    Hi daiquiri and keith66,

    I appreciate your response, I'll try your advice above.

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