how to make a line for a new design...

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by sreenath00, May 8, 2009.

  1. sreenath00
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    sreenath00 Junior Member

    May iknow how to develope lines for a ship. Here iam starting a design from scratch , I had calculated the intial dimensiones,,,.
    Is there any chart or any table to develope the offset table,,,
    or is it just an art work,, of drawing smooth lines and and making the offset table from that.
    :) :) :confused:
  2. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Why not start at the beginning. Get some boat books on boat design and take it from there. Boat design is much more than just drawing nice boats, more so if you plan to build it.

    Use the Boat Design Book Store button on the top of page - you will find what you need there and more.
  3. Landlubber
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    Landlubber Senior Member

    Agree with Wynand, but yes, it is simply drawing then making the table of offsets from the drawing. Keep it to conventional standards, and enjoy.
  4. sreenath00
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    sreenath00 Junior Member

    Hi Wynad,
    THanks for your reply. yes we can take some reference,, and edit the lines as per our requirment,, .. i have only intial dimensions like lenght , beam ,draft and dept, Then how can i develope line,,,,,
    my question is how to do line for a new design and i dnt want to use reference lines......
  5. kerosene
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    kerosene Senior Member

    just buy books - I read your other thread - you are a student.

    If you really want to become something learn (and if not ready for that learn how to learn 1st).
    Buy books and read them. Plenty of information has been written in good formats - there has also been many threads on which books to start with. use the search.
  6. jehardiman
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    The main consideration is if you have an open design brief or if you are required to hit a design point (tonnage, length, beam, TEU, etc.). You approach the problem differently.

    First figure out what you want to do with the vessel...speed, long range, cargo capacity, and the size range you are looking for. This will give you an initial list of the items that have to fit into the hull, prolulsion, power generation, HVAC, chill boxes, staterooms, heads, etc. From this you can work up an estimated volume and weight the hull needs to support.

    I start with a displacement or volume to length curve for the speed-length or transport volume (number of berths or cabins, cargo tonnage, fuel capacity, etc.) I want/am given. The shape of this curve can be found in the basic texts. The displacement to length curve then points to a midship sectional area within beam and draft restrictions based upon standard types (cargo, combatant, speedboat, sail boat, etc.). Again, the basic texts will point to where the Lwl to speed ratio places the midship location. Then I put in a few waterlines, bow and stern diagonals and a profile. I then begin the cross-checking of stations/waterlines/diagonals to the displacement-length curve, and go through a few cycles as I put in some control points and begin my weights and structural analysis. Cycle and repeat until structure, decks, weights, powering, and prime mover are pretty settled. Then I finalize the shell.

    You just can't sit down and start drawing a hull and expect it to all work out in the end. You have to start with the intended design goal.

  7. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    well,, i also face some interesting problem when i was new student of this subject.
    What kind vessel u want to design? decide this , and then take a reference or basis vessel for this. If u have offset table then u can draw lines in autocad. if u dont have offset table then u can use Lines of ur reference vessel and modify it , fair it to get ur desired vessel.

    If u have software like maxsurf , freeship , fastship etc. there u can get sample design. U can change the sample designs dimension to ur calculated dimension, or parametric transformation .

    And first of all, if u dont have knowledge about Lines, then please read books at first. It will help u.
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