How to make a 19 foot planing hull efficient at displacement speeds?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by johnnythefish, Jan 3, 2018.

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    ........... so why is it that we have this oversupply of short, wide, heavy deep V'd center consoles, laden with features, that cannot pull a marlin lure at the correct speed without burning half the King's wages in fuel?!!

    It is about ignorance and missed possibilities.
    Today we can create boats with much larger efficient speed registers. Knowledge is available to anyone who is interested. I myself have created several boats with completely different characteristics than those mentioned above.
    But this is about ignorance over knowledge available, from the common man all the way up to the highest politician. It's not just in the United States.
    When knowledge and science become too complicated, most people close down. Many can not even interpret a simple x/y diagram.
    It is the serious researcher and engineer's task to present their know-how so that ordinary people can understand what is being presented.
    In addition, journalists and salesmen also have a great responsibility to convey what opportunities are available.
    A forum like is an important tool for communicating available knowledge. However, it requires high attention to distinguish what is based on science, amateur speculations and emotional conclusions.

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    Talking to those who sell boats such as the size and stated purpose of those we are discussing is enlightening. Typical positions are that you cannot have boats on the lot that are two spacious, too powerful or too fast. Look at all the powerboat magazines at "Books-a-Million". How many have boats flashing across the water with bikinis lying about versus those that show the usual fishing scene that Johnny is interested in? The market dictates almost everything.

    As for using a panga as an example, I am not at all sure what a panga is. I have been out on the ocean in the common Latin American panga and know what the usual characteristics of these are. but there are so many that use the name panga for boats that have such a wide spread of characteristics far from these indigenous boats. So I have no idea what a panga is when us gringos use the title.
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    I'm not sure ignorance is the issue on why boats are designed the way they are.

    I have a couple of short wide boats, they do exactly what I want them to do, they perform very well for their intended purpose.

    If someone wants a boat to be very economical at 8mph, that's not a problem, but don't expect it to do other things as well, it's just the tradeoffs that come with boating.
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    Designers are neither unable nor incapable of making a different boat. Whether it is better or not would depend on the intended use. However, the boats need to be sold, so the market demand is the driving force.

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    It's not a case where they're (we're) designing lousy boats for your use, but are designing boats for what is to be "consumed" by the vast majority of purchased. It's a marketing decision, not a boat practicality thing. Fat center consoles are the way they are, because fuel is cheap and lots of well fed guys can stand around, pulling beers out of the cooler while tangling with a fish. This is what sells boats, not low speed deficiency. Simply put, if the head doesn't has a cup holder in it, you're probably going to lose a significant percentage of sales potential, so guess what gets installed . . .
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